Georgian tea counts 2 centuries history.
Mikha Eristavi brought Tea culture in Georgia from China and the first tea bushes were planned in Guria. Later, the Prince entered samples of his Georgian tea at the Russian International Exhibition in St. Petersburg. This sample was based on the recognition of Georgian tea in the world.
By the end of the XIX century and at the beginning of XX century the quality of Georgian
tea improved significantly by effort of other enthusiasts, in 1899 Georgian tea was winning prizes and was awarded a gold medal at the World’s Fair in Paris.
Tea-processing company ‘’Natura Tea Company’’ was founded in Ozurgeti Municipality, village Gurianta, on 7 May, 2013.
Natura Tea Company owns modern standard factory and 41 hectars tea plantations. Since 2012 tea plantations has been planned and restored in the village Laituri, in Guria. The village Laituri is distinguished by its ecologically clean environment and the best climate, which ensures the ecological cleanliness and high quality of the product.
"Natura Tea Company" is oriented on manufacturing ecologically clean products.
It is important that fresh tea leaves (flesh) is picked in every year of which we produce different kind of natural Georgian product – tea picking process is only handmade process. Each kind of tea is characterized with distinctive aroma and incredible taste.
Since 2015 “Natura Tea Company” produces 7 types of tea:
white tea- “Natura Taiguli”, Green Tea -“Natura Mtsvane”, yellow Tea -“Natura Imperatori”, red Tea -“Natura Marjani”, Black Tea -“Natura Khaverdi”.
Production of ‘’black Iodized Tea’’ and ‘’Green Iodized Tea’’
is the patent of the company since 2016.