Light aroma, pleasant astringent taste
Clear, transparent, brown - Red
Dry and closed condition
Black tea belongs to the camellia sinensis the mere tea bush petals that are preceded with specific methodology. Black tea petals fermentation process undergoes till it is totally rusted.
Black tea is the most popular among others. Black tea tincture has light aroma and pleasant astringent taste.
Black tea contains more caffeine compared to other tea types and least antioxidants. Black tea useful features: it is reach with vitamins (A,PP,B-1,b-2,C), microelements, has tonic action, Relaxing effect , it blocks cancer cells growing, reduces the stomach, gastrointestinal and breast cancer risks, regulates the cardiovascular system, destroys the germs that cause diarrhea, pneumonia, cystitis and herpes, and lowers blood cholesterol.